An Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of Gratitude. “Attitude isn’t everything, but it is the first step and people who aren’t willing to take the first step are unlikely to take the next steps in accomplishing whatever it is they want to accomplish.” (That’s a close quote from Zig Zigglar)

At least 15 HVAC professionals have contacted me so far this season with a similar “unspoken request”. That request goes something like “my professional life really stinks right now, what can you do for me to make it better”?

The best advice is the same advice a beloved mentor advised me to do over 20 years ago and it still applies today. Not everyone has enough will power or mental fortitude to do this but I can tell you that if you try, you will be AMAZED by the results. So, here it goes…

Step 1– For the next two days, do not complain about anyone or anything to anybody.

Step 2– Add to step one on day three and four- treat everyone the way you would want to be treated. Become fascinated and interested in them instead of being preoccupied with you.

Step 3- Add to step one and two on day five- write down everything you like about your job. Tape it to a place where you can read it and be reminded of it every day.

Step 4– Add to step one through three on day 6- write down everything you are thankful for. Be specific. Take joy in the small stuff we often take for granted. Tape it in a place where you can read it and be thankful every day.

Step 5– Add to steps one through four on day 7- Be the change you want your world to be. If “everyone else” is angry, irresponsible, unhappy, dishonest or plain MEAN to you, Be the change! Nice-responsible-happy-honest-a joy to be around!

Last and final step – Repeat the process every day until it becomes a natural part of who you are.

Maintaining a great attitude is more than a decision. Sometimes we need to change it from the inside out by developing an attitude of gratitude for every privilege we’ve been blessed with. All of us need to be reminded of that and some of us simply need to first recognize it and learn how to live it.

Those 5 steps did it for me and without eception for those who had the courage to follow through with the process. Why not give it a try? When you do and you realize how much better your life has changed, pay it forward and give someone else a hand up out of the mental prison so many of us choose to live in.

“It doesn’t matter where you live. How you live and how your life influences others is what really matters!”


Tom Wittman-