Building Your Sales Presentation Downloads

Step 1 Booking Sales Lead with Virtual Option

Step 2 The Pre Call Mailer & Preparation

Step 3 Homeowner Survey

Step 4. Your Company Story

Step 5. System Design & Presentation

Step 6. Presenting Options

Step 7. The Virtual Closing Process

ProCom System Features Presentation Slides

Step Knowledge IAQ Simplified 5 2020

The 9 most common HVAC Design Flaws evidenced by photographs 

Virtual Sales Class 4 of 4 06/11/2020 Closing Process

Pro Comfort Advisor Admin and Set Up Overview

Pro Comfort Advisor Overview

Presenting Options with Pro Comfort Advisor

Pro Comfort Advisor Admin Set up ans Management

How to use Zoom

How to Create a YouTube account

Workshop 1 of 4 Virtual Selling Process Overview

Preparing your presentation 2 of 4a workshops

Preparing your Presentation within ProCom

2 of 4b workshops

Presenting Options with Pro Com

3 of 4 The Closing Process

Introduction to the 9 Reasons Presentations Fail Week 2 04-28-2020

Interview with Ben Middleton Industry Expert

9 Reasons why Presentations Fail Week 2 04-28-2020

Interview with Sam Wakefield Week 2 04-29-2020

Virtual Selling Day 2 4.21.2020

Introduction to the Virtual HVAC Load Process

How to use ZOOM and U-Tube

Pro Comfort Advisor Administration Overview


Study Resources

Presentation 1.1 (Practice Prototype Version)

Cool Tools

Zoom Website

Pro Comfort Advisor Virtual Pricing and Presentation Tool

Cool Calc Virtual Load Calculation

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Virtual Selling Day 1 4.21.2020