How to hit 1-2-3 Million per year in HVAC Replacement Sales

How to Hit 1-2-3 Million Sales

Stretch goals for new Comfort Advisors: Your personal sales benchmarks (goals) depend upon a few variables that are all with-in your control.

  1. Selling weeks: There are 52 weeks in a year. After factoring in vacations, holidays, unexpected circumstances as well as the killer slow weeks between thanksgiving and new years day, six to eight of those 52 weeks should not be factored into your weekly sales benchmark. By doing so, you are stacking the deck in your favor. You’ve given yourself time to recover from an “off week”.
  2. Completed sales appointments per week. Attitude, Aptitude and staying in front of buyers are three critical success factors for any salesperson. For budgeting purposes, shoot for three presentations per day (15 per week stretch goal) and benchmark for two per day (10 per week minimum benchmark). You have the resources and ability to self generate sales leads! Social media, community involvement, developing a great relationship with your service manager, following up with demand service customers, speaking at community centers, neighborhood associations, BNI groups, Chamber of commerce events… Make yourself relevant and accessible in your community and make it easy for your customers to tell all of their friends (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) about the AWESOME experience they had with you and your company. Build your social network of future customers.
  3. Selling days per week: Budget for five. Saturdays make great bonus selling days to keep your numbers up.
    Closing percentage. Your closing percentage will be in direct correlation to how well you execute the selling process. Beyond that, Stay focused and interested in your customer and what they want. Make sure that everything you say and do is relevant to what they want. Listen to them closely. They will tell you exactly what they need to see and hear to buy from you if you listen. A minimum benchmark for closing % after the Build a salesperson program should be 50%. A stretch goal should be 60% to 65%. You will hear people tell you that an acceptable closing % is 30 to 35%. I advise you not to buy into that. That’s benchmark is true for the order takers. A professional Comfort Advisor closes 50% to 65% (or more) of their completed sales appointments, usually at a much higher price.
  4. Average selling price: Anywhere from $4,000.00 to $25,000.00. My best advice: Always present the system that will do the best job for your customer (regardless of price). Present system options: Base, Good, Better, Best. Make certain that your customer clearly understands how each feature of the best system will solve their specific problem(s). Most customers decide not to buy because they don’t understand how what’s being proposed solves a problem for them. The more skilled you become in connecting solutions to problems for your customer, the higher your ticket average and closing percentages will be. I recommend a minimum baseline average of $5,000.00 with a stretch goal the first year of $8,000.00.

Ok, lets do the math.

Goal: $1,200,000.00. Year one…

52 Selling weeks. -7 off weeks = 45 baseline selling weeks x 10 completed NEW sales appointments per week = 450 completed sales appointments per year. X 50% closing percentage 225 sales per year Divided into $1,200,000.00 $5,334.00 average sale

10 completed sales appointments per week 50% closing percentage 5 installed replacement jobs $5,334.00 average sale $26,670.00 installed revenue per week 45 selling weeks (minimum baseline) $1,200,150.00 yearly sales.

“Be who you need to be, do the things you need to do every day and you will have the things you want to have.”

Once you’ve mastered the daily disciplines necessary in achieving this benchmark, it won’t take much of an effort to get you over the 2 million mark. Improve closing % and average selling price by 10%, stretch your weekly sales appointment from 10 to 15, add one or two additional selling weeks, and you are there!

Be a student of the process and master the daily disciplines necessary in getting it done.