Sales Lead Coordination

The sales lead coordinator duties may not require a full-time dedicated coworker. These tasks may be assigned to an existing coworker. It may not be a position that requires a full-time dedicated resource. It is very important that this coworker is trained to book and convert prospects into appointments.

It is also important to train the assigned coworker and the appropriate use of the tracking tools and to meet with the coworkers of the company to train them on their role in the program.

Appoint an office Co-Worker with the responsibility of replacement sales to lead coordination. All sales leads, or sales opportunities—from Customers, Prospects, or Co-Workers (including the owner and General Manager)—are to be immediately directed to the Sales Lead Coordinator.

Turning prospects into leads

If the sales lead coordinator can improve their ability to convert a prospect or phone call into a lead, they can have a significant impact on revenue. For Example: If for every 10 incoming calls, you could improve conversion from four appointments to six, this alone would improve lead volume by 50%.

Sales Lead Coordinators will have three top priorities:

  1. Answer the phone, book appointments,
  2. Track information, and
  3. Make it easy for our customers and field personnel to reach us.

More specifically, they will:

  1. Use a scripted approach to maximize the number of prospects that get converted to leads (appointments)
  2. Track the sources of the leads to provide you with valuable data regarding advertising effectiveness
  3. Complete the Prospect Alert Form, and arrange for a presentation at the customer’s convenience
  4. Track the lead to its final result keeping the Sales Manager informed
  5. Calculate and maintain all Spiff and commission data

These duties would also include:

  1. Use a scripted approach to set customer presentation appointments for Comfort Advisors.
  2. Get all appropriate customer information as required on the Prospect Alert Form.
  3. Handle inquiries, overcome price objections, etc.
  4. Confirm appointments.
  5. Tabulate sales lead source report, monthly.
  6. Tabulate residential replacement sales report, daily.
  7. Distribute and collect all appropriate sales paperwork, including:
    1. Prospect Alert Form
    2. Investment Agreement or Proposal
    3. Home Comfort Analysis, which includes:
      • Job Survey
      • Estimating form
    4. Material Requisition
    5. Financing Documents
    6. Operating Cost Analysis
    7. Heating & Cooling Load Worksheets
    8. Extended Warranty Agreement or Filings
    9. Agreements
    10. Permits
    11. Utility or Manufacturer Rebates or Other Offerings
  8. Coordinate sold jobs with Production Coordinator for job scheduling and installation.
  9. Debrief Comfort Advisors after each sales presentation.
  10. Perform customer satisfaction calls and/or prepare satisfaction surveys.
  11. Participate in marketing and advertising efforts as instructed by the Sales Manager.
  12. Process consumer financing paperwork.

At the end of every day, the sales lead coordinator consolidates the daily information into a daily month to date and year to date.

Residential Sales Report displaying:

  • Dollars in sales (by salesperson and entire department)
  • Closing percentage (by salesperson and department average)
  • Completed leads (by salesperson and department average)
  • The volume of incoming leads by lead source
  • Installed sales dollars
  • Installed gross margin report (from results of closing the install folders)

And a Sales lead source report displaying:

How many leads are being generated by a lead source such as:

  • Technician leads
  • Newspaper
  • Direct mail
  • Interned
  • Banner ads
  • Etc…

This report will give management an indication of what advertising avenues and campaigns are delivering the best return on their advertising dollar investment and put them in a position to make more informed decisions regarding where to invest their advertising dollars in the future.

This report should be completed for the entire sales team as well as for each individual Comfort Advisor.

The comfort advisor should follow up all Open Sales calls within a pre-determined period of time. If the allotted follow up activity has expired, the “open lead” should be turned over to the Lead Coordinator for follow up.

Scheduling Sales Leads.

Sales calls per day

When Comfort Advisors consistently run 3 or more appointments per day, closing ratios will drop. The Comfort Advisor loses the sense of urgency and begins thinking, if I do not close this one, I’ll just move on to the next one. The Comfort Advisor does not spend enough time on each sales appointment to earn the right for the sale. Consequently, the number of leads scheduled for each Comfort Advisor each day must be balanced by closing rates. Two to three leads scheduled for each Comfort Advisor tends to yield the best results.

Deciding which Comfort Advisor to schedule first.

Comfort Advisor’s schedules with the best closing percentage should be filled first and the last one to be scheduled would be the one with the lowest closing percentage.

A story about a wrong sales guy. Gary had an ADL of $800.00 (A.D.L. means average dollar per lead.) The owner has an ADL of $4,300.00 and the other sales guy. Bobby had an ADL of $3,500.00 It’s a small growing business that wants more leads. They think they need more leads to grow, and technically they do.

However, at the end of the month, they do about 130k in sales, not bad. But the story begins and ends with how the leads were distributed. The owner ran 10 leads, Bobby ran 10, and Gary (the low ADL guy) ran 46 leads.
Their problem was they were not tracking the performance of their sales team. In other words, they had no idea how many leads were being run not to mention how many of them sold.

If the leads were distributed evenly at 22 each, they would have done 226k – almost double the revenue. If they would have invited Gary to be successful somewhere else and ran all of those leads between the two of them, they would have done close to $300,000.00.

That’s why it is critical that Sales leads get awarded to the top performers first and worst performers last. It is equally critical for the Sales Lead Coordinator to keep track of the Sales daily, monthly and year to date Key Performance results compared to pre-determined benchmarks on a daily basis. Performance results will dictate how the prioritization of scheduling appointments will go.

Service Generated Lead Scheduling considerations:

A Lead turned over from a Service technician should be responded to immediately. The quicker the response, the lower the competitive traffic and the higher the closing % and gross margin dollars. Often times when a company can’t respond to a service lead the same day, the customer invites other HVAC Contractors to price replacing their equipment. Each additional estimate reduces the odds of earning their business.

Please refer to your sales lead-tracking tool to help manage the process of scheduling Comfort Advisors and creating Key Performance reports as outlined above.


Open sales calls and advancing the sale to the next step.

An effective lead coordinator and Comfort Advisor is conscious and mindful of “Advancing the sale to the next logical step”. In other words, never leave a customer “in Limbo”. Always schedule the next step in advancing the sake with them.

Let’s review a simple Sales escalation from highest to lowest probability of the job closing.

  1. The customer accepts the work and the job is scheduled to be installed. – 99% probability of closing.
  2.  A signed agreement pending acceptance of the other decision-maker has been executed and a return visit with all interested parties has been scheduled to review the proposal and discuss scheduling the work. – 85% probability of closing.
  3. No signed agreement has been executed and a return visit with all interested parties has been scheduled to review the proposal and discuss scheduling the work.  – 70% probability of closing
  4. A signed agreement pending acceptance of the other decision-maker has been executed and a phone call has been scheduled for a specific time and date to re-schedule a visit with all interested parties. – 60% probability of closing
  5. No signed agreement has been executed and a phone call has been scheduled for a specific time and date to re-schedule a visit with all interested parties. – 45% probability of closing
  6. No signed agreement has been executed and no next step scheduled to advance the sale. – 23% probability of closing

Example Position Agreement

NOTE: The statements herein are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by employees assigned to this classification. Such statements are not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills required of personnel so classified.


JOB TITLE: Opportunity / Sales Coordinator
REPORTS TO: General Manager
JOB CLASS: Non-Exempt


Performs a variety of administrative tasks to support all departments of the company. Primary telephone contact for all customer interactions including answering calls, setting sales or service appointments, mailing customers information, and following up with customers on a variety of issues. Coordinates workflow of all appropriate paperwork and phone calls regarding job proposals including confirmation calls and breaking down job folders. Keeps customer records current and updated. Supports the management and mission of the company.


  • Scheduled Sales Appointments measured against pre-determined benchmarks
  • Scheduled Service / Maintenance appointments measured against pre-determined benchmarks
  • Tracking all sales calls to final disposition
  • Daily KPI Tracking & Posting of Sales, Service and Appointment KPI’s


  1. Represents the company through telephone customer contact. Answers calls, set sales appointments, sets annual maintenance, Demand Service or customer warranty service appointments, and follows up with customers on a variety of issues/occasions. (30%)
  2. Coordinates and ensures all paperwork and correspondence regarding job proposals are accurate, timely and completed according to the procedure. Calls customers to confirm scheduled jobs and break down job folders. Schedules job proposals, making schedule changes and processing job cancellations. (30%)
  3. Keeps customer records and files current and updated, as well as sends customers information about the company and/or services performed. (25%)
  4. Performs administrative functions to support all departments as needed. (15%)
  5. Regular and punctual attendance. Ability to work overtime if needed.


  1. Performs other related duties as assigned by management.


  • None


  1. Knowledge of customer service principles and practices.
  2. Skill in operating personal computers and programs such as spreadsheets, databases, and word processing software.
  3. Skill in verbal and written communication.
  4. Ability to handle a variety of tasks.
  5. Ability to perform accurate data entry.
  6. Possess talent and personal traits:
    • Customer Focus
    • Self Management
    • Planning & Organization
    • Empathetic Outlook
    • Resiliency
    • Teamwork
    • Diplomacy & Tact
    • Integrity


  1. High school diploma, some college preferred;
  2. One (1) year experience in customer service, call center or related position; or,
  3. An equivalent combination of education and experience.


0-24% 25-49% 50-74% 75-100%
Seeing: Must be able to see well enough to read reports, data, statistics & information on a computer screen. X
Hearing: Must be able to hear well enough to communicate on the telephone and in person. X
Standing/Walking: X
Must be able to operate computer & calculator
Climbing/Stooping/Kneeling: X

PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS for Lifting, Carrying, Pushing, Pulling:

Sedentary Work: Exerting up to 10 pounds of force occasionally and/or a negligible amount of force frequently or constantly to move objects. The job involves sitting most of the time. Jobs are sedentary if standing and/or walking are required only occasionally.

Behavioral Standards

  1. Calmness Don’t become rattled when the pressure is on.
  2. Commitment to Improvement Abide by processes that have been and are being developed with a consistent effort for improvement.
  3. Continue to Learn The search for knowledge keeps the mind alert and active, often resulting in innovations.
  4. Reasonableness It is one thing to be rational; it is quite another to be reasonable. To be rational is to rigidly impose the rules of formal Logic upon life and all human behavior. Strive for a reasonable balance.
  5. Thoroughness and Persistence A half-hearted and shallow approach to accountabilities will spoil results. Practice Thoroughness and Persistence
  6. Resiliency Business can bring disappointments, frustrations, and outright disasters. Rather than naively hoping that nothing bad will ever happen to be prepared to bounce back from setbacks no matter how bad they may seem to be at the time.
  7. Basic Loyalty The Company’s Future is closely tied to your success: A common destiny: You play a role in embodying the spirit of the company and should demonstrate loyalty with a sense of allegiance.
  8. No Cynicism in the workplace! Cynics are tragic people whose self-perception is so bad that they cannot begin to imagine a world where optimism, dreaming, commitment to something greater than oneself and the desire to do something truly remarkable could possibly exist. Always “looking for the angle,” they can trust no one because they can’t even trust themselves. Cynicism, distrust, sarcasm, suspicion, skepticism, doubt, scorn and backbiting are unacceptable behaviors that have NO PLACE IN THE WORKPLACE! Be careful about how you express frustrations. How you actually feel about any situation is not the issue. The issue is how your reactions are perceived: Your reactions or perceived reactions will “set the mood” for the entire team. Be responsible.
  9. Smile A smile can “set the mood”.
  10. Maintain a good, healthy sense of humor. Try not to be terminally professional.
  11. Don’t worry or be concerned about failure. You represent a company that offers the best product and service in your area. Understand that the value of the products and services you offer your prospect far outweigh the investment. Be proud of that fact. Maintain a posture of confidence and conviction in what you do, who you are and the company you represent at all times.

I have read, understand and agree to follow the guidelines set forth in this Position Agreement.



Date: ______________________________


Direct Supervisor: _____________________________

Print: _______________________________________

Date: _________