Encouragement Salse Virtual Sales Process

Connect with your Guest Virtually

  • Recommend Pad or PC. Connection
  • Ask if they would be willing at some point to connect with you on a pad or phone so you can take screenshots of their existing system.

Set the Stage

  • Person of interest
  • Agenda
  • Time commitment

Discover what your customer wants

  • Ask the right questions
  • Listen to understand
  • Establish a list of goals

Review Brand and Company Story

Perform a Virtual Home Evaluation

  • Virtual load calculation
  • Link to customers pad or cell phone
  • Perform a virtual walk through
  • Screen shot photos
  • Think through your presentation
  • Discuss Value added discoveries

Reconnect with your customer on Pad or PC

  • Stranger Danger
  • Design considerations (System Operation – Additional Work – System Features)
  • One Step or two-step call (Can the client make a buying decision?)
  • Build and review system options. (Review options until they are comfortable with the price)
  • Assume the sale

Closing Process