11/04/2019 Wolcott HVAC – Plumbing – Electrical 1075 West Historic Columbia River Highway Troutdale OR, 97060 2 Day On Site Consulting.
Met with Ryan Webber and staff Day 1:
Reviewed goals and objectives. Goals are to grow the residential Plumbing an HVAC business. Reviewed the financials and Balance sheet. Was able to manually departmentalize the Company and departments so HVAC Service – Sales – Production – Plumbing service & retrofits and office functions can be tracked and improved. Established Break even by department and KPI Tracking benchmarks for HVAC and Plumbing Service – Sales – Production and Office. Worked briefly with Service technicians and helped them with converting calls to Leads and or agreements. Action Plan until our next huddle:
  1. Review web site performance and take necessary (Low Cost) measures to get your ranking up (Organically).
  2. Develop lead generation from your Service Department. Evidence that they are following the process every day.
  3. Manage to BEAT Break even before the 10th – 15th working day of every month (Residential Plumbing and HVAC Divisions).
(Critical that the Company Break Even be accomplished by the 10th or 15th working day of every Month). If Service begins generating Leads, the service department’s numbers might look bad. Keep in mind that if they are increasing revenue by solid lead generation, they are contributing! Focus on the Companies Break even as a Team while monitoring the department’s performance. Evidence what’s happening in the field every day.
  1. Revenue Targets:
Every Day Monitor your: Cash Spread. (Keep the spread growing.) Daily Service – Sales – Production and Office Performance. Every Team member should be completing a performance report card at the end of every day. Expect your consolidated report by 10:00 the next day. All The Best! Tom Wittman Success Advocate [email protected] 317-750-1607 HVACCoachingCorner.com