The Art of Closing the sale

Sales Coaching Audio Series

Mindset and Sales Support EVERY DAY!

Warm Up

Rapport and Goals

Agenda and Goals

Would you Trust a Company like ours?

Company Story – Design Consideration

Show and Tell

System Features

1 Step or 2 Step call

Presenting Monthly Cost to Own

Pivot from Monthly Cost to Own to Cash Price

Presenting and Assuming the Sale

Think it over

Need to talk it over with Wife

Not sure if I want to spend that much

Im going to do it later

Other Bid is $3,000.00 Cheaper

How to Establish Goals

Indecisive Customer

CSR Coaching Series

CSR Sales Appointment (What did the CSR forget to do?)

CSR Sales Appointment (The right way)

CSR Irate Customer

CSR Dominant Irate Customer

CSR Incoming call 1

CSR Incoming Call 2

CSR Incoming call 3

Champion Technician Series

Pivoting the conversation

Repair vs Replace

Risk Assessment

$8.00 Amazon Capacitor

How much is a new system?

What would you recomend?


When can you install it

Sales Support Material

Personality Styles

Sales Evaluation Worksheet

Closing Process

Open ended Questions

Closed Ended Questions

Sales Process Workbook

Core Values

Overview of the Art of Closing the Sale

Confirm Arrive Warm up

Agenda and Goals

Inspect the Home

Company Story – Design – Presenting Options

Closing Process

Home Analysis report

Field Sales Evaluation

MERV & Humidity

Air Changes per Hour Schedule

Sales Goal Worksheet

12 Common issues worksheet